Zero Friction

k0s drastically reduces the complexity of installing and running a fully conformant Kubernetes distribution. New kube clusters can be bootstrapped in minutes. Developer friction is reduced to zero, allowing anyone, with no special skills or expertise in Kubernetes to easily get started.

Zero Deps

k0s is distributed as a single binary with zero host OS dependencies besides the host OS kernel. It works with any operating system without additional software packages or configuration. Any security vulnerabilities or performance issues can be fixed directly in the k0s distribution.

Zero Cost

k0s is completely free for personal or commercial use, and it always will be. The source code is available on GitHub under Apache 2 license. It's a no brainer foundation for any Kubernetes projects and easy build upon.


Deploy and run Kubernetes workloads at any scale on any infrastructure. All batteries included.
Kubernetes Versions
  • v1.30
  • v1.29
  • v1.28
  • v1.27
Container Runtime
  • ContainerD (default)
  • Custom
Supported Machine Architectures
  • x86-64
  • ARM64
  • ARMv7
Supported Host OS
  • Linux (kernel v3.10 or newer)
  • Windows Server 2019 (experimental)
Control Plane Datastore
  • In-Cluster Elastic Etcd with TLS (default)
  • In-Cluster SQLite (default for single node)
  • External PostgreSQL
  • External MySQL
Built-In Security & Conformance
  • Kube-bench security benchmark
  • FIPS 140-2 (upon request & commercial agreement)
  • Certified Kubernetes
Supported CNI Providers
  • Kube-Router (default)
  • Calico
  • Custom
Supported Storage & CSI Providers
  • All Kubernetes storage solutions (with CSI)
Supported Cloud Providers
  • All Cloud Providers (via extensions)
Built-In Security Features
  • RBAC
  • Pod Security Policies
  • Network Policies
  • Control Plane Isolation
  • Support for Micro VMs
  • Support for OpenID Providers
Built-In Cluster Features
  • DNS by CoreDNS
  • Cluster Metrics by Metrics Server
  • Horizontal Pod Autoscaling (HPA)
  • GPU Support
  • Zero-Downtime Cluster Upgrade (via k0sctl)
  • Cluster Backup & Restore
  • Manifest Bundles
  • Helm Charts
Source Code
Cluster Fleet management


Lights, Camera, Action! The live demo of k0s cluster setup.

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k0s is the simple, solid & certified Kubernetes distribution that works on any infrastructure: bare-metal, on-premises, edge, IoT, public & private clouds. It's 100% open source & free. Get started today!

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Screenshot of k0s cluster from Lens